Monday, April 6, 2009

Taking a Break

I realize that, from your perspective, it already looks like I've been taking a break. But I need a break. My current writing project is an intense project, one I am finding emotionally draining and troubling to write. So I'm taking a break.

(Just so you know, three of the ten issues are drafted, though #3 needs a lot of work; I think I said that before, but I rewrote over half of #3 just recently. Several scenes of other issues are drafted as well, so the think is coming along. I'll be plunging into #4 here shortly: One lengthy scene of it is already drafted; an earlier version of another scene is drafted as well, but needs to be rewritten.)

We're now in Holy Week, having just passed Palm Sunday. This Friday is Good Friday, when we commemorate the crucifixion of Our Lord, and this Sunday is Easter Sunday, when we celebrate his resurrection. It is also the time when catechumens are baptized and confirmed, so pray for all the catechumens. This Easter will mark my third anniversary as a Catholic. Also, be sure to have finished Theology Of The Body if you've been reading it with us. I have about ten pages left myself. It's a difficult read and I wasn't sure how much I was getting out of it until yesterday morning when I found myself summarizing it for someone, so I must have gotten something.

Since it is Holy Week, and since I'm going back to Rump's End, Nevada, a.ka. Land of the Non-Existent Internet Connection (I will be sooo glad when this job is over), it seems to me a good time to take a break. I'm going to spend Holy Week, in part, thinking and praying about my writing project.

Also, since I'm going back to Rump's End, Nevada, a.k.a. Land of the Non-Existent Catholic Churches, I will probably be unable to assist Mass on Easter, but I am with you all in spirit. My confessor, who's a wonderful priest and a great guy who knows how my employment makes it difficult for me to assist Mass every week, decided to help my situation by giving me, for penance, the task of meditating on the Stations of the Cross every. Single. Day. This week.

That's not a complaint, by the way. I appreciate a priest who really know how to dole out the penance.
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