Monday, April 20, 2009

News and Comments

Trying to get back in the groove here. This is the tail end of my weekend today. After getting back from the field, and being freed of my Lenten fiction fast, I went on a fiction binge that was a terror to behold, so we will probably have some reviews again in the future, sooner or later. The blog has gone down the tubes largely because I've focused more on my potentially publishable writing.* That's good, I think, but it sucks for you guys.

Speaking of which, I'm currently on the third version of the third issue of my comic book miniseries-in-progress. The previous two versions rated a little too high on the suckelage. I try to keep the suck factor in my work down around 2.5, but the two previous versions of this issue were scoring somewhere around 9.0, so the quality control department (Snuffles, who proofreads) was gettin' all up in my face.

Not coincidentally, I'm also on my third glass of wine, so this might not be the most coherent post ever.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. I had a ranting, angry news post I put together a few days ago, and then thought, you know, maybe I don't want to post that because I don't want to be that irate, this isn't a news commentary blog, and I'm not drunk enough. Fortunately, that situation has partly changed. So here it is:

According to the news given me by our news girl Lucky the Goldfish, the Department of Homeland Security, henceforth to be known as the Ministry of Peace (or Minipax), has followed the guidance of President Obama, henceforth to be known as Big Brother (or BB), and declared pro-lifers to be potential terrorists. Actual terrorists, on the other hand, are still euphemized as militants and freedom-fighters.

Therefore, I hereby declare this to be an official Pro-Life Catholic Terrorist Blog. I might even make a badge and pass it around if I ever figure out how to use PhotoShop. Maybe I can even get arrested and waterboarded; Obama may have struck down the Bush Administration's torture practices, but I bet he'll make an exception for vicious terrorists like us Catholic bloggers.

By the way, you know how Hollywood likes to attack Catholic priests as child molesters? Turns out being a child or youth molester is A-okay if you're also a Hollywood film director.

Don't miss John C. Wright's essay on political correctness, a defilement of language henceforth to be known as Newspeak. I myself have been subjected to the tyranny of Newspeak (not to be confused with the tyranny of Newsweek); some time ago when I dared to debate the immorality of sodomy, some who didn't want to challenge my ideas decided to attack me for my plain English instead, getting upset because I wouldn't give degrading acts cutesy names to make them sound special and pleasant.

Speaking of the Culture of Death (or "Culture of Masturbation," a label I find more accurate and less romantically sinister), I notice the History Channel is running a documentary series, or more accurately, a science fiction series, entitled Life After People, which displays how glorious the world would be if the humans were all dead (see this review). As to who exactly would enjoy this glorious, people-free world, I imagine that's a question the documentary doesn't ask. I understand it's a well-made show, but I also hear the character development is rather thin. (Rimshot.)

And speaking of masturbation, there's CNN.

Whew. After the mono, I wouldn't have thought I had that much spleen left to vent.

*And on reading comic books.
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