Wednesday, February 4, 2009

St. Philomena's Cord

I write fiction. Therefore, I fake having more knowledge than I actually have.

Some of you by now (?) have read "Dragonsaint," which is in the current issue of MindFlights, a magazine for titles made of inappropriately compounded nouns (no, not really), and have no doubt noticed my innovative and oh-so-clever use of St. Philomena's Cord. See, I already knew about this devotion before I wrote the story and so it is not at all a coincidence that St. Philomena, in my story, happens to have an important cord. Really. Not a coincidence. Because I already knew about it.

(Man, I've heard of things like this happening to other writers, but it's kind of creepy when it happens to you. With the looking up I did on St. Philomena, how come I never heard of this cord before? Is the saint playing games with me?)

And speaking of "Dragon Saints"...

Or, for that matter, Dragon Saints...


Good thing you can't copyright a title or I'd get my butt sued!
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