Monday, February 23, 2009

Into the Breach--

I'm packing for the field, and I don't know if I'm going to have Internet access or not. Anyway, I realize I've promised a movie review, and I realize it's a bit behind--and we meant to have it today, but I'm rushing to pack for the field, and I'm also talking to illustrators about my comic, and, well, things get delayed.

Speaking of which, I can give no details whatsoever, but two illustrators have expressed interest. Both have talent. Meanwhile, though I've been churning out scripts for this comic for over a year now, I have been stumbling in the difficult task of finding a beginning. I love my characters, perhaps more than I've loved any characters I've created, and I love the situations I get them into, and I love the big, seamy world they have to explore and blow things up in. Everything in the middle has been great, but every time I've tried to write a first issue, I've flubbed it and flubbed it bad. Then I talked to St. Philomena about it and now things are getting done almost too fast, which is perhaps not so weird, since she happens to be my muse as well as my patroness, which means she has to pull double-duty, which isn't really fair, but who said afterlife was fair?

Now I have a first issue, and I'm quite happy with it. Now things are flowing great. This is really gonna happen. I don't mean you'll be reading issues of my comic within a year, but I mean you will be reading them. Eventually. If you want to. So, if you like "Dragonsaint"...then I have no idea if you'll like this, because it's absolutely nothing like "Dragonsaint," except they both have cute girls in them, but that goes for pretty much everything I write. It's like my signature.

So I'm here for two reasons.

Progress update: Progress is good. Formerly seven-issue miniseries is now probably ten issues because the beginning needed completely redone. Issue 1 is done. Issue 2 is done except for the last few pages. Issue 3 needs rewritten but has large chunks done. Large chunks of the rest are done.

Reminder: Tomorrow is Phat Tuesday, so be sure to do something appropriately phat, because after that is Ash Wednesday, a day to get ash and take names. And fast. Ash Wednesday, of course, begins our annual fiction fast and Lenten Read-a-Thon, the text for which, this year, is Pope John Paul II's Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology Of The Body. If you're joining us for the read, get through about 20 pages a day and you'll make it before Easter Vigil with time to spare.
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