Sunday, January 11, 2009

What If Starbucks Marketed Like a(n Evangelical Mega)Church?

Thanks to Joel at Crummy Church Signs. Having just been in Kansas recently and visited a Mennonite megachurch there, I find this really funny.

Also brings me bad flashbacks from my college days. Funny and well-made as this is, I think its creators have missed the point. They note the way these "seeker-sensitive" churches make visitors feel awkward (I attended more than a few seeker-sensitive churches when I was an Evangelical and I never felt awkward), but don't seem to notice the utter lack of reverence for the sacred. The real problem (other than Protestantism) with this sort of church is that it runs more like a business with an ad campaign and a self-empowerment seminar than like a religion. Where are the sacraments? The solemn rituals? The meditative prayer?
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