Tuesday, January 27, 2009

D. G. D. Davidson's "Dragonsaint" Available for Purchase

Sorry the blog's been so quiet. I've been dealing with other matters, most especially another writing project that has to take time from other things.

But if you really think you just can't get enough of me, the winter issue of MindFlights is now available, and it contains my novelette, "Dragonsaint," which, as promised, features such things as ancient legends, dragons, coffee, attractive women with glasses, dragons, wildland firefighting, dragons, unrequited love, and dragons.

You can purchase your copy at Lulu.

I can't help but notice that the beautiful cover art for this issue, provided by Anne Stokes, features a pine forest and a beautiful woman riding a dragon. Could this be an illustration of my...? Ah, but no. I see she's not wearing glasses. Wrong time of year, too.

(Did you hear that, Xena? Unrequited love! It has mushy stuff! You're gonna hate it!)
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