Friday, December 26, 2008

A Little Bit of Christmas...

First, to make sure this is appropriately sf- and religion-related, I'll begin by noting that author J. J. Stewart kindly informs me that he has posted "Christmas on Another Planet," a sample chapter from his novel Aliens Are God's Children Too. So go read it.

Next, I of course have to tell you about how our Christmas vacation is going and show you the loot I got. My birth mother actually came to visit us while we were here with my adopted parents, Harman and Nattie Dragon. Such visits are always rather tense: usually, my birth mother will complain about the way I turned out and the Dragons will complain about the raw material they had to work with, both forgetting that I'm still in the room while they're having this conversation. This time, however, everyone got along quite well, probably because Phenny the Phoenix spiked the eggnog. All in all, it's been a pleasant visit.

Now check these out:

First of all, we'll get out of the way the item you're absolutely, positively not allowed to criticize. It's a nativity set hand-painted by my mom. My real mom, I mean. Check it out, yo:

(Click to enlarge.)
I tried to take a few detail shots, but none turned out.

Second, we have these awesome Bone action figures:

(Click to enlarge.)
And that's a nice in-table, eh?

Here are some close-ups:

(Click to enlarge.)
The Hooded One

(Click to enlarge.)
The Gran'ma Ben and Smiley Bone figures come with mini-comics. Whoa, new Bone comics...too much joy...getting dizzy...

(Click to enlarge.)
And yes, it is possible (with a great deal of effort) to stuff Smiley into his cow suit. The cow suit for some reason comes with Gran'ma Ben.

Lastly, we have this kick-awesome leather jacket. This wasn't really a Christmas present...more like a jacket a relative didn't want anymore. But I like it.

(Click to enlarge.)
Sci Fi Catholic Without a Cause: notice my extreme baditude; notice also that my stocking has a choo-choo and a pink bow on it.

And now you're saying, "Okay, hypocrite! You're always saying Keep Mass in Christmas, so when are you going to talk about Christmas Mass?" Well, I have two answers for that. First, I want to know if "Christmas Mass" is redundant. Do we have any grammarians here? Second, it was great. The usual gang and I went to Midnight Mass at the Catholic church that is nearest to the nexus of the Fairy Woods closest to the Dragons' cave...which happens to be St. Mary's in Newton, Kansas. The church has beautiful, maybe those aren't, the church has beautiful wall paintings. No, I don't have any photos, sorry. But I can tell you the choir was in top form and the priest there always says a beautiful and reverent Mass.
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