Monday, November 17, 2008

November Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour, Day 1

This month's blog tour is a bit shady, though maybe not as shady as That Shady Bookstore Further Down the Street where Snuffles and I do most of our more questionable shopping. This month's tour is devoted to the novel Shade by John B. "Jimmy" Olson.*

Take a look-see at Olson's official website here. How did the dude manage to score a website address like ""?

This novel, which I haven't read because I was reading an engaging but misleading and poorly constructed Protestant nonfiction book on Original Sin, features vampires and schizophrenia. The reviews look to be quite positive.

Get your blog tour on:

Brandon Barr
Jennifer Bogart
Justin Boyer
Keanan Brand
Kathy Brasby
Valerie Comer
CSFF Blog Tour
Stacey Dale
Janey DeMeo
Jeff Draper
April Erwin
Karina Fabian
Todd Michael Greene
Katie Hart
Joleen Howell
Jason Isbell
Jason Joyner
Rachel Marks
Melissa Meeks
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Eve Nielsen
John W. Otte
Steve Rice
Mirtika or Mir's Here
Chawna Schroeder
James Somers
Robert Treskillard
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Jason Waguespac
Laura Williams
Timothy Wise

*Whose nickname is not actually Jimmy.
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