Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaNoWriMo No More

And this day, the last day of November, ends National Novel Writing Month. The usual goal for the month is a complete 50,000-word novel. For myself, I worked with the goal of 30,000 words. Totalling everything I have produced this month, discounting editing, blog posts, e-mails, work-related materials, and the like, I have completed the month with a total of 30,539 words, most of it comic book script.

Here's a small sample of the sort of rough draft I was producing this month:


Down on one knee, Shin, in profile, cuts loose with the AK-47. We need a big ol' exaggerated muzzle flash right here.


Yeah. It just kind of goes on like that. For pages. For the record, that blatta-blatta sound is the way a Vietnam vet once described for me the sound of an AK-47. I'll leave the gun aficionados to debate the accuracy of that onomatopoeia.
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