Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year, being in Ely, Nevada, for Halloween, I was unable to carve a Jack o' Lantern. However, I was able to ride the Ely Ghost Train. They have a museum for the historic Northern Nevada Railroad, which has some working trains. Every Halloween, they have a haunted ride that involves listening to ghost stories while watching some poor volunteer schmoes freeze off their kiesters as they stand in costumes along the track and reenact horrific events. At the grand finale, the train stops and gets attacked by an army of pistol-wielding cowboy zombies.

(EegahInc, is there a movie out there about pistol-wielding cowboy zombies?)

Of course, the track is only one-way, so then we have to go back through the whole thing (and it's an hour long!). Fortunately, on the ride back, our crew found an alternative entertainment in the form of an adorable four-year-old girl dressed as a pirate. She attached to our group temporarily, said numerous amusing things, and insisted repeatedly that she was a pirate, a ballerina, a bee, and a snake, apparently all at the same time.

Of course, this was all a couple of days ago. It's now All Souls' Day, and so we are well into November, which means that it's National Novel Writing Month, during which the untrained but enthusiastic seek to churn out an entire novel in one month. I say more power to them. And more grammar lessons. Incidentally, the Catholic Writers Guild is doing its own variation on this, holding a "30K for Christ" event. Those who wish to participate are supposed to churn out 30,000 words of more-or-less Christian content during November. Since I've given you such an advanced notice, you can all totally get in on the ground floor of that. In fact, maybe we should do our own little version of that here: if you want, you can pledge to turn out 30,000 words of more-or-less Christian sf content during November. Or you can even reduce it to 28,000 words to make up for the two days of November that have already passed without my telling you about the 30,000-words-in-November thing. Heck, for all I care, you can just write nothing in November. No sweat off my back. None at all. And if it isn't obvious already, I'm counting this ramble toward my 30,000.

Let's get on to those train photos, shall we?

Here I am getting ready to ride the train. See how excited I am?

There were lots of scary sights to see from the train. This one was the schoolmarm murdering children with a butcher knife. I think.

One of the more frightening sights seen from the train; I think this is that hanging guy. Or maybe that zombie couple. I really don't know.

Beware the dreaded dwarf...thingy.

I call this one "Ely, Nevada--at night."
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