Friday, October 10, 2008

The Schedule

For the last nine days, I have been in the small, quaint town of Rump's End, Nevada, where it is impossible to get a motel room with a phone, let alone an Internet connection. Because I have the computer with me when I travel, Lucky and Snuffles, naturally, don't post much.

I rather enjoy getting out of the house and out of contact, however, because it gives me plenty of time to dedicate my evenings to the important activities of reading, writing, and drinking, which are the only things to do in Rump's End. Besides that, it gets me away from our apartment's new occupant, Crystal Dragon Jesus, who, it turns out, is quite a chatterer. Shortly before I left, we had a conversation that went more-or-less as follows:

C.D.J.:'re one of those "Catholics," right?

D.G.D.: Uh...yeah, pretty much.

C.D.J.: That's great, because it just so happens I'm starting up a new religion based on yours, and you can totally get in on the ground floor.

D.G.D.: I dunno. That's been done. I mean, I live in Utah, where every day I have opportunities to join a new religion based on mine.

C.D.J.: No, you'll like this: See, I'm gonna set up a hierarchical "Magisterium" of dour-faced men who worship an intolerant monotheistic god, and according to the evil Magisterium, I, Crystal Dragon Jesus, am supposed to be this god's son, right? But actually the god is an evil demiurge and I was sent from the pleroma to defeat him. My true nature is only known to a shadowy, persecuted minority of the enlightened, who engage in sex orgies.

D.G.D.: I'm not interested in--

C.D.J.: Since I'm just starting this out, you can choose any role if you join right now. You could be enlightened and persecuted, or you could be a grumpy, celibate Magisterial bishop and make up mean-spirited moral rules while flying around in an airship.

D.G.D.: Look, I get an airship?

Er--I mean the conversation didn't go at all like that. Not once did I waver in my dedication to Holy Mother Church, even when tempted with airships.

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It's a greeting card world!

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Cross, rainbow, and...brothel.

But enough of that. Check out these photos from the lovely town of Rump's End. A few weeks ago, after a rainstorm, we witnessed the clearest rainbow I've ever seen. A coworker captured these photos of the cross up on the hill above the town. Because of the cross, I have chosen not to reveal the town's real name so they don't get a lawsuit from the UCLA. I don't know what the deal is with the University of California at Los Angeles, but from what I hear on the news, it's always going after towns with public displays of religious icons. (And the building in the picture is actually a former, historic brothel, so keep your shirt on and don't write in.)

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Functional and attractive.

Here's the latest addition to the dragon collection. This one was a gift: a dragon-style carabiner.

And now for some important stuff: has a new Rudy Rucker short story available online.

Spike TV is holding its 2008 Scream Awards for the best in sf, fantasy, horror, and comics. Information is available here. I didn't link this before because the website looks a little, er, seedy, so view at your own risk. They're apparently taking votes for the awards. The awards appear on the TV on Tuesday, October 21st at 9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT.

The Moti8 Fantasy Fiction Tour (which I absolutely, positively, did not name, though you probably didn't think I did, but just in case), featuring eight Christian sf authors, is going on right now. Check this link for the schedule and other information.
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