Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anime Banzai 2008: Day 2

Snuffles: So, Deej, how did the second day of Anime Banzai 2008 go?

D.G.D.: All right, I guess. The nice thing about being surrounded by anime cosplayers is that I no longer feel out of place wearing a big crucifix. Incidentally, I forgot yesterday to mention one of the guests at the event--Vic Mignogna, a music composer and voice actor who's been in an awful lof of stuff, particularly Fullmetal Alchemist.

Snuffles: So, did you actually watch any anime or Japanese films while you were there?

D.G.D.: Yeah, they had a couple of viewing rooms with shows going constantly, so I took in a few. I saw something called Tokyo Marble Chocolate and a couple of episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Snuffles: Waitaminnit, let me see that schedule.... Yeah, just as I thought. You could have been watching Macross Frontier, Giant Robo, They Were 11, or Negadon: The Monster from Mars, and what did you end up seeing? A cheesy romance and a shoujo anime. Is that all you saw?

D.G.D.: Um, I also saw a couple of episodes of Lucky Star, and was disturbed to find I understood the jokes, which just means I've been hanging out with you too much.

Snuffles: I agree. The less time you're around me, the better.

D.G.D.: I also thought it was gutsy that they started that series off by having the characters sit around and give a highly detailed, ten-minute discussion of how they eat various desserts.

Snuffles: You're not alone in thinking that--

D.G.D.: I liked it.

Snuffles: You would. Now, let's see the magnificent change that should by this time have come over my Evangelion box set...

D.G.D.: Snuffs? What's up? You don't look happy.

Snuffles: Where is it? Where is Tiffany Grant's autograph?!?

D.G.D.: Well, I had things to do today and the line was really long--

Snuffles: Deej!!!

D.G.D.: Whoops! I'm outta here!
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