Friday, October 24, 2008

Anime Banzai 2008: Day 1

Snuffles here. This weekend is the weekend of Anime Banzai 2008, an anime con in Salt Lake City. I was planning to go, but then I decided I'd just stay home and watch anime instead. But I sent the Deej in my place, and now he has returned to give his report.

He took photos, as per my instructions, but a perusal of the program book reveals detailed and decidedly strict rules on the taking and subsequent use of photographs. I admit I understand this: after all, some of the cosplayers might be dismayed to find the Internet full of pictures of themselves in kinky schoolgirl uniforms. So, alas, no photos. Sorry, people. Nonetheless, we have the second best thing--the Deej. Deej, tell us what you experienced.

D.G.D.: What I experienced may very well scar me for life.

Snuffles: Knock it off.

D.G.D.: Have you ever sat in a room for hours listening to people talk enthusiastically about things you've never heard of and don't care about?

Snuffles: I have a miniature version of that experience every time you open your mouth. Would you get on with it?

D.G.D.: Yes, but first I want to ask a question. In addition to banning unsolicited photos, the con bans something called "yaoi paddles." What are--?

Snuffles: Never you mind. Tell us about the con!

D.G.D.: Okay, okay. Guests this year are Tiffany Grant and Sonny Strait. Grant is a voice actress for the English dubs of numerous anime, including the character Asuka Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Snuffles: Did you get her to autograph my Evangelion box set like I told you to?

D.G.D.: I forgot.

Snuffles: Then you're going back tomorrow.

D.G.D.: Oh, for--! Anyway, Sonny Strait is both a comic artist and a voice actor, who began his voice career with the character of Krillin on Dragonball Z.

Although it isn't an especially large con, the events and panels are numerous, the most educational ones being an introduction to Japanese culture and an introduction to Japanese language. Workshops on making anime music videos or cosplay costumes are offered, as well as forums on some specific works.

The cosplayers are certainly out in full-force, and some of the costumes I saw were quite impressive. And, apparently, I'll be back tomorrow. But for now, it's about my bedtime.

Snuffles: Try not to duck out early tomorrow.

D.G.D.: I got hungry and thirsty, alright? You said the best way to experience an anime con was without food or water, and I foolishly believed you.
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