Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour

This month, the tour is featuring Marcher Lord Press, a new publishing house for Christian sf, founded by the energetic and innovative Jeff Gerke (a.k.a. Jefferson Scott). Sadly, Marcher Lord doesn't launch until October, so there isn't a great deal to say yet.

Gerke is also the proprietor of the Christian sf resource clearinghouse, Where the Map Ends. Readers here may also remember that I attempted a review of his character creation system, for which I received some criticism from skeptical readers.

So there isn't a lot to say about Marcher Lord Press, at least not yet. I suggest looking at the launch list, which shows you the three books they'll be coming out with next month. I'm rather interested in Summa Elvetica by Theodore Beale, which depicts a Catholic Church in an alternate universe struggling with the question of whether elves have souls. The central character of the novel is apparently a priest who has a turgid love story, because of course all fictional Catholic priests have turgid love stories.

(By the way, I'm pretty sure our theologians would be forced to conclude that a being created by God and endowed with will and reason must have a rational soul, so unless Beale has something up his sleeve, I doubt the theological problem of the book will make for a pageturner.)

Update: I did Beale a disservice up above, as some readers have pointed out; the question of whether or not elves have souls will depend on what kind of elves he's using. If they're elves as in Tolkien's novels (as I rashly assumed), then the answer to the question of whether or not they have souls is necessarily yes, but those aren't necessarily the kind of elves Beale is using. In my defense, however, I'll note that the sample chapters do suggest that it is physical beings with will and reason that Beale has in mind, in which case the necessary conclusion of Catholic theology is still yes, they have souls. Now that I've wronged the author, I suppose should feel obligated to pick up his book and review it.

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