Friday, September 19, 2008

Mecha Manga Bible Heroes #1 at Holy Heroes!!

I have just posted a review of issue #1 of the comic book series Mecha Manga Bible Heroes over at the Holy Heroes!! blog.

After reading this first issue, I'm still asking the same question I was asking when I first heard of this project: "Why?" This issue, "David vs. Goliath," follows 1 Samuel 17.1-58 faithfully except for the additions of the aforementioned sf flourishes, which as a result look like intrusions. Truth be told, I don't get it; it would make better sense to me to create a comic that not only tells the Bible stories faithfully but also attempts to faithfully depict the world in which those stories took place, or else to create sf stories that use the Bible as starting points but take greater liberties with the text. [more...]
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