Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girl Genius Review at Holy Heroes!!

Well, my long, luxurious weekend is just about over. I haven't posted as much as I intended, mainly because Snuffles the Dragon brought all fourteen of his virgins over for the Labor Day party, which means I spent the day cooking and cleaning up after everybody. It rained most of the day, so everyone was crammed into our tiny apartment, which is too small already. Incidentally, Natasha seems to have perfected her roundhouse kick, but I swear it was an entirely innocent comment that she misconstrued, so I don't think I deserved that kind of response. The doc says my jaw wasn't quite broken, so I'll be okay in a few days.

And speaking of tough young women who don't take no guff off nobody, I have just put up a review of the web comic Girl Genius over at the other blog I sometimes post to, Holy Heroes!!

We've all seen stories that imagine not just superheroes, but worlds positively overrun with superheroes. Shows like The Tick, or some episodes of Darkwing Duck, poke fun at DC and Marvel's overstuffed comic book universes. In Kingdom Come, Mark Waid and Alex Ross treat the idea of heroic overcrowding more seriously. Girl Genius works on a similar idea, but instead of imagining a world overrun with supermen, it imagines one overrun with mad scientists. [more...]
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