Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Break

I go to the field for a while, and somehow I come back with more bric-a-brac.

First, here's an olive wood crucifix from Bethlehem. It's got little windows in it containing stuff like dirt from the Holy Land and some other things I can't identify. I considered putting it above my bed, since that's apparently a traditional place for crucifixes, but I already have a miniature one on the headboard, so I hung it in the living room instead. I'm not sure why crucifixes go above the bed, but as a lover of folklore I'll assume it's to ward of vampires, succubi, or Lilith.

Here's a miniature olive wood nativity scene, sitting next to the phone above my desk. Guess I should check my messages.

And here's our latest dragon figurine (I can't seem to stop buying these!). This one is two-sided. Here's the "fire" side:

And here's the ever-appropriate "water" side:

Surface space is beginning to dwindle, so for the time being, the new guy has been relegated to the top of the fridge.
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