Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jimmy Akin on Ender's Game

According to my antivirus software, I've contracted something it can't clean, and when I try to get on its website to follow the instructions to fix the problem, I get 404 "page not found" errors. I think I might switch antivirus software brands. (I use Trend Micro PC-cillin, by the way, or perhaps I used to use Trend Micro PC-cillin.) Anyway, according to the virus or malware or whatever description, it enables people to get on my computer and do anything they want. Personally, I hope they try to use the out-of-date credit card number I have in there somewhere and get busted for it.

I guess this is what I get for logging onto the Internet from dubious Nevada motels.

So, we're trying to fix that little problem, and Snuffles is working on a review whenever he can kick me off the computer, which is rarely because I'm drafting something important and I'm "in the zone." Plus, with my change in jobs and long periods in the field, I'm so behind on my Critters critiques, it's not even funny.

Fortunately, I see a YouTube video I tried to post three weeks ago has finally showed up to save my bacon, so it looks like I posted something yesterday even though I didn't. Let's hear it for YouTube!

Meanwhile, if you're wondering where you're gonna get your Sci Fi Catholic fix when The Sci Fi Catholic won't fix you, I suggest you head over to Jimmy Akin.Org, where you can see a series of posts on Orson Scott Card's original Ender Series. He has a post on Ender's Game, on Speaker for the Dead, the significantly less good Xenocide, and even Children of the Mind. And just to avoid confusion, I've deviated from my usual practice here, so the book titles in this paragraph will go to Akin's reviews and not the books themselves.
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