Monday, August 18, 2008

Girl Genius Comics Online

Changing jobs, vehicle maintenance, running around, submitting stories, possibly finding an illustrator for my comic (more on that later, maybe)--altogether, the blog suffers. If you come here for reviews or witty essays and wonder why there haven't been any reviews for weeks and weeks and haven't been any witty stuff ever, that's why.

But never mind that. I just now, thanks to Calls for Cthulhu, learned of the existence of a comic called Girl Genius. It's clearly been around for a while, so some of you no doubt know of it already, but it has previously escaped my notice. It's available as a web comic, and though I haven't made it very far yet, I am already captivated by the richly imagined Steampunkish Transylvanian setting, the beautiful and detailed artwork, and the goofy characters. This is the sort of wonderful discovery that can easily distract a man from other pursuits. Like his blog.
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