Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fan Fiction Update

I honestly meant to have real content for you today, but I got caught up in a lengthy, interesting conversation after Mass this morning, and then my truck broke down. Taken altogether, I didn't even get home until eight o'clock this evening. Let's all give a big hand to Fr. Erik of Orthometer, who helps luckless sf geeks when they're stranded in his church parking lot.

So instead of real content, I'll deliver the ninth and final chapter of the gargantuan novel-length Bone-based fan fiction epic, The Chronicles of Fone Bone Oathbreaker.

The Valley runs with blood. Driven by the dark magic of the new Locust, the Bonevillains assault the city of Atheia while the desperate Portsmouthers led by Annie and Rictus Bone close in on them from behind. Recognizing in these terrible events the punishment for his own crimes, Fone Bone finds he has one last chance for redemption or for self-destruction...or are they the same thing? Don't miss the exciting, blood-soaked, not-really-for-the-kiddies finale of The Chronicles of Fone Bone Oathbreaker! It's got fistfights! Big knives! Political corruption! Sound beatings! Blood and guts! Drug references! Weird mutants! Cannibalism! Biblical quotations! Cute schoolteachers! (Don't even get me started on cute schoolteachers!) It's even got some Latin in it!

And now, for those of you--both of you--who have actually been reading this drivel, I'll present a poll. Here is your poll question:

How much of a Wesley is Annie Bone?

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