Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fan Fiction Update

Snuffles tells me he's working on a review for you all. In the meantime, it's past time to update my Bone-based fan fiction. So here it goes, the second to last chapter.

As Fone Bone and Thorn's bastard son Ishmael develops his mysterious powers and discovers his true identity, Phoney's army of ne'er-do-well bones besieges Atheia. Weakened by the War of the Locust, the ancient city cannot hold back these new, technologically advanced invaders. The only hope now may be a small band of humans led by schoolteacher Annie Bone and Boneville's disgraced ex-mayor, Rictus. But the humans they lead are growing restless--when they reach the bone army, will they save the day or cause more senseless slaughter?

And here's your tantalizing quote:

And, too, he realized with terror, his pulse quickened at the sight of blood. As Ishmael had said, the universe demanded this fluid, the lubricant that turned its ethereal gears. Bone felt a sharp desire, not quite lust and not quite gluttony, but deeper still and more animal, rousing in his heart like a leviathan churning the sea. He understood the urges that drove the rat creatures in the former days to pound their drums and raise their hands to the stars as life’s ether poured out upon the stones, for the life of the flesh is in the blood. He had a dark glimpse into their dark world, and he wanted--needed--in that moment to slit the throats of animals, or enemies, or to cut, tattoo, or pierce his own body and pour forth dark wine into the fire in propitiation of the gods. [more...]
Criminey, who wrote that? Oh...right.
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