Friday, July 4, 2008

Upcoming Movie Review: Hancock

After I had a big fight with Snuffles over whether or not I was going to take him to see Kitt Kittredge (dragons, go figure), I decided to sneak out and see Hancock. I'll try to put up a review tomorrow.

In the meantime, happy Fourth of July, Americans. And for our readers across the pond, I'll simply quote King Ralph: "We kicked your--" Well, okay, maybe I won't quote King Ralph.

The Fourth of July always reminds me of a little story I dreamed up in fourth grade, in which a bunch of battle-axe-wielding dragons who lived in the clouds believed the fireworks fired into the sky during Fourth of July celebrations were an attack on their sovereign nation, so they flew down to earth to fight back and ended up slaughtering the unsuspecting humans.

Make of that what you will. I suppose it could be an environmentalist parable if you squint hard enough. I make of it that little kids can handle grittier material than we give them credit for.

But at any rate, happy Fourth of July, and watch out for dragons with battle-axes.

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