Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Hello, faithful readers. I've been in the field doing archaeology-type stuff. Because we are staying in a tiny town in Nevada, and because the only Internet access in the entire county is available at our motel, and because the Wi-Fi at our motel was down for our entire nine-day work session, and because Snuffles is in the Himalayas right now counting his gold, reading his manga, and hanging with his virgins, and because nobody was thoughtful enough to place Lucky's bowl near the keyboard, and because there was no keyboard to place her next to because I had the computer with me in Nevada...we have had an unofficial blog hiatus that has rivaled our real official hiatuses (or perhaps hiati) for length. The good news is, judging from the comments in the comboxes, nobody noticed. Or is that the bad news?

The last official hiatus and this latest unofficial one have taught me two things: when I don't post, comments and site traffic both increase. That makes me wonder...

Anyway, in this eclectic little post, it's time to play catch-up.

First, Sister Mary Martha has an entertaining post on the what the discovery of sentient extraterrestrials might mean to Catholics. The post is copiously illustrated. She wrote it in response to an interesting news article in Newsmax, which reports that the Vatican's chief astronomer, Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, has reassured Catholics that it's okay to believe in aliens. Well, that would be a load off my conscience, I guess, except the article doesn't mention if it's okay to be an alien agnostic, which strikes me as a better position to hold on the subject, at least at the moment. According to the article, "Funes said that ruling out the existence of aliens would be like 'putting limits' on God's creative freedom." Fair enough, but what's with the scare quotes around putting limits?

In other news, I recently discovered that I mistyped my own name on FaceBook. Does anybody know if it's possible to fix that?

Meanwhile, the blog Orthometer, run by my priest, has a series of hilarious Star Wars parody videos, beginning with Chad Vader, probably the best of the lot.

Also, I got word, but was back online too late to post on it, that the online bookstore Abunga has live chat with an author every other Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST. Their chat today was with Melanie Wells. The next chat is with Susan Konig on July 30.

Regular readers know I'm a fan of Amerimanga creator Rod Espinosa, whose comics are usually good-natured, wholesome fun. His latest, Prince Of Heroes, a new addition to the Chronicles Of The Universe saga, is available for pre-order. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can see my reviews of Chronicles Of The Universe and its sort-of sequel, Battle Girlz, here and here. Bring on the super-powered, miniskirted space-babes!

Did I say that out loud?

That's it for now. Now that I'm on break, we'll hopefully have some book and movie reviews for you in the near future.
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