Saturday, July 5, 2008

Full Print of Long-Lost Metropolis Found

Snuffles and I have been planning a lengthy joint discussion of Fritz Lang's silent epic, Metropolis, for some weeks now, and have been gradually assembling our source material. Now it turns out that a complete copy of the film, previously thought permanently lost, has been found. For the sf fan, this is serious stuff, an unbelievable, mind-blowing discovery. Here's the article from ZEIT Online:

Last Tuesday Paula Félix-Didier travelled on a secret mission to Berlin in order to meet with three film experts and editors from ZEITmagazin. The museum director from Buenos Aires had something special in her luggage: a copy of a long version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, including scenes believed lost for almost 80 years. After examining the film the three experts are certain: The find from Buenos Aires is a real treasure, a worldwide sensation. Metropolis, the most important silent film in German history, can from this day on be considered to have been rediscovered. [more...]

Hat tip: John C. Wright
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