Monday, June 23, 2008

June Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour

Dear Blog Tour members and visitors,

Thanks for stopping by. This blog is currently in the hiatus position while the proprietor is job-hunting and his co-bloggers are too lazy to do anything without his constant nagging. For that reason, we have not prepared appropriate content for this month's tour. Again. Yeah.

I am unable to discuss this month's novel (though this time, at least, I have a good excuse). The novel is Vanished by Kathryn Mackel, book 1 of the Christian Chiller Series.

Christian Chillers, as we all know, are plastic tubes of flavored ice with Bible verses printed on the packaging. Because the weather is now so hot, and because anyone can use a good Bible verse, we deeply regret our lack of familiarity with Christian Chillers. But I hear their grape flavor is totally righteous.

No, seriously, the novel is about a terrorist blowing up a weird bomb that sends part of a town into an alternate reality containing a creepy jungle and monsters, or something like that. Based on the description, it sounds as if it has some relationship with Robert Charles Wilson's Darwinia, Eric Flint's Ring of Fire series, maybe Roy Rockwood's On a Torn-Away World, and of course Jerome Bixby's "It's a Good Life" (1953), which remains one of the all-time best sf short stories I have ever read. If I remember rightly, that story can be found in the anthology Tomorrow's Children.

Even better, since Vanished is a "Christian Chiller," that must mean it's a horror novel, so by reading it, you can participate in what Michael D. O'Brien in A Landscape With Dragons calls the "cult of horror," which is defiling the minds of our children, though why exactly O'Brien defines horror literature as a "cult" is unclear to me. (Sorry, but I had to throw this in.)

Even though we're unprepared for the Blog Tour, that's not to say that Christian sf hasn't been on our minds. Christian fiction is the subject of our recent essay, "Sheldonism," which went up just before the blog screeched to a halt. This essay is slated for a revision that will be heavily influenced by reader comments, so feel free to read it and offer your own thoughts.

Kathryn Mackel's blog can be found here. The novel's official website is here.

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(And our final joke for this post, offered by Snuffles the Dragon from across the room: "Gee, I hope 'Christian Chillers' don't make people cold to the Gospel.")
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