Friday, June 13, 2008

Fan Fiction Update

Looks like it's about time to put up the sixth chapter (of nine) of my Bone-based fan fiction. This is sort of an overflow chapter, so to speak, created because chapter 5 hadn't had room for all the cliches I wanted to play with.

What will become of Bone and Thorn's monstrous offspring? Will Rictus Bone stop Phoney's mad plan to bathe the Valley in pointless bloodshed? What mysterious force drives the bones on their ill-advised mission? Will Fone Bone escape the dire predictions of Taneal's prophecy? Will Bartleby overcome his predatory urges? Will that conversation between Astynax and Thintook have a point, or was it thrown in for the author's own amusement? Will Annie and Dietrich manage an intriguing relationship or will they force the reader to wade through pages upon pages of leaden dialogue? All these questions and more not answered in chapter 6. Because if they were, we couldn't have three more chapters after that, could we?

Led by Phoney Bone, the army of ne'er-do-well Bonevillains draws closer to the Valley's border while, hot on their tail, Rictus and Annie Bone lead a copiously armed group of grizzled human soldiers. But, as these adventurers will soon learn, there are monsters in the deep desert east of Boneville. Some monsters are already there, waiting, but other, more terrible monsters are travelling with our heroes...
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