Saturday, May 17, 2008

Renaissance Fair Pictures!

D.G.D.: Hey, everybody. Lucky and I just got back from the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire, and we have pictures. Yes, I know they all came out looking funny. It turns out that "vivid color" option on my camera actually means "turn photos a funny blue color," but I fixed it as much as I could. I'll remember to turn off that feature next time I use the camera. So I hope you can tolerate the bad color, because we have lots of photos.

Lucky: I had so much fun! We met all kinds of cool people at the fair, which was great because being a goldfish means I don't get to meet a lot of people, but Renaissance Fair people are nice and don't treat me weird just because I'm a goldfish. So I'm really happy. Deej and I haven't been on a date in ages before this!

D.G.D.: Wha--whoa, whoa, wait a minute. It wasn't, like, a date exactly. I mean, it was more like we were just at the fair, no, Lucky, don't cry.... Ah, crud. Here are the photos, everybody.

Here are Lucky and I going into the fair. I do not know why I am holding my stomach as if I have appendicitis, nor why it looks like my shorts are falling down.

Three really cool dudes...and a goldfish.

The magician at the Gypsy Magick show, doing his shtick. Reasonably good tricks, but the jokes were slow.

Two great guys briefly made pals with Lucky while we were there. Here are the three of them together, looking like old friends.

Here I am knife-throwing. After two duds, I got one knife to stick in the log.

Here I am dueling with someone who dared to suggest Lucky was no lady. If you wish to know the outcome, it was this: her shot went over my shoulder, but I plugged her between the eyes and even knocked her facemask off. Since I was dueling with a woman, I suppose that means I'm no gentleman.

Here I am acting all bad after my victorious duel.

A magician kindly tried to undo Lucky's curse and turn her back into a princess, but to no avail.

Four lovely ladies.

The soon-to-be victor of the jousting tournament.

Here he is getting his helmet on.

Jousting. I tried to get an image of the titans colliding, but none of my attempts came out. The last such fair I went to only had fake jousting in which the combatants tried to place chalk marks on each other's shields, but this was the real deal.

Me, the winner of the joust, and Lucky.

A little swordplay never hurt anybody!

Yet another picture of lovely ladies. Lucky made a lot of friends today.

Is this that liturgical dance I've heard so much about?

A gentleman with a dragonet on his shoulder posed with Lucky.

Where do you find fairies? At the fair, of course! These three charming sprites offer drenches of ice-cold water to overheated visitors. They also pose with goldfish.

The latest addition to my dragon figurine collection: the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil Dragons! Hopefully, they won't quarrel with my Seven Deadly Sins Dragons.
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