Saturday, May 10, 2008

Raytheon Developing Powered Exoskeleton Suit

The company Raytheon is developing a powered exoskeleton for military or police use, according to Lewis Page with The Register. Page notes that the suit isn't quite ready yet, as it has a power cable dragging along behind it. But hey, even the Evangelions dragged power cables.

Mildly worryingly, at the time of being bought by Raytheon, Jacobsen said "joining with Raytheon will help to move our technology from research and development to execution". One should note, however, that as yet the Sarcos kit is unarmed, and at present trails an inconvenient power cable. Should the Salt Lake City cops ever get into a situation with a supervillain of any kind, there will sadly be little chance of Jacobsen suiting up and bringing vigilante style super-soldier justice to their assistance. [more...]

Hat tip: Mike Flynn
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