Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Museum of Bad Art Releases New Book

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA), located in Massachusetts in the basement of a theater, has one of the best websites on the Internet. The MOBA, as you might expect, collects the worst art it can finds, sometimes by pulling paintings out of trash cans.

Right now, the museum has an interpretation contest. You have the opportunity to name a work and interpret it like an art critic, and possibly win a prize.

Every year, the MOBA has a fundraiser at which it auctions off art not quite bad enough for the museum. After the event, MOBA gives a "bad check" to the Salvation Army.

And if you want to see some of the bad art in the collection, I particularly recommend "Madonna and Child III," which "places the spiritual above the physical through careful disregard for details of the human form."

Right now, MOBA is offering a new book, The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks, which you can order here. The press release for the book is here (PDF), and reads in part:

The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks presents a pulsating collection of more than seventy never-before-published pieces of artwork from the permanent collection of the Museum of Bad Art(MOBA). Pulled from sidewalk trash piles or acquired for less than $6.50 apiece, each work of art is truly too bad to be ignored.

“The principal principle for a work of art to be accepted,” explains Michael Frank, MOBA’s curator-in-chief, “is that it must have been created by someone who was seriously attempting to make an artistic statement—one that has gone horribly awry in either its concept or execution.”

Located in Dedham, Massachusetts, the museum is currently housed in the basement of a Boston movie theater within earshot of the men’s room. A second location is planned nearby in yet another movie theater basement with a rousing gallery opening party to take place in May. MOBA has been featured in a variety of media including CNN, Good Morning America, and many more. [more...]
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