Sunday, April 6, 2008

Media Fair

Today was the media fair at my local parish, when people bring books and tapes (who can play tapes these days?) to sell for cheap. It's a fundraiser thing. As usually happens when books go for cheap, I endured mockery from people who think the sight of a man with a large stack of books is amusing. What the heck are cheap books for if not for the purpose of acquiring a large number of them?

This was, incidentally, the media fair of the parish of Fr. Erik Richtsteig of Orthometer fame. Snuffles and I both had books to contribute to the fair, but in a moment of typical absent-mindedness, we both forgot to contribute them. I suppose there's always next year. If only Snuffles had participated, it's likely his contributions would have been the only manga at the fair.

I managed to escape the media fair with several religious and science fiction titles, so I consider it a successful day. I am especially pleased that I got a copy of Ray Bradbury's Let's All Kill Constance. Bradbury was my all-time favorite author when I was in middle school, and I first began writing because I wanted to be able to write just like him, though I'm of the opinion that he's lost his mojo in the last couple of decades, as indicated by lackluster works such as One More for the Road and (*shudder*) From the Dust Returned, which contains exactly one good chapter. Of course, I never liked the Elliots anyway.

Though I had heard of the title previously, I was surprised upon reading the dust flap of Let's All Kill Constance to learn it is a sequel to Death Is a Lonely Business, the novel that depressed me for about three straight months in eighth grade and lowered my GPA. Now I'm uncertain if I want to read this sequel or not. If and when I do, I will certainly approach it with fear and trembling.
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