Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fan Fiction Update

I was originally planning to update every two weeks, but since the hits have slowed down, and since the first chapter is only a small taste, I've decided to put up Chapter 2 of my Bone-based fan fiction novel a little ahead of schedule.

This chapter is much more substantial than the previous one, which was merely a teaser. Now the story is underway: Phoney and Smiley return to their old tricks in Boneville while Thorn and Fone Bone learn that ruling a fairy tale kingdom isn't all it's cracked up to be.

This chapter begins introducing the numerous original characters who will fill out the story. Probably the one of which I'm most fond is the barber Floyd Bone, who first makes his appearance in chapter 2:

Floyd Bone XI, the tenth successor to the original Floyd Bone, was one of the few male bones with hair on his head. His hair billowed out in luxurious, tight strawberry curls, so from a distance he was frequently mistaken for a girl. Floyd was tall and thin, almost as tall as Smiley, and his face had unusual deep hollows at the cheeks. His nose was strangely small and his eyes oddly bright, and the nasty rumor around town was that one of the Floyds in that venerable line had produced these traits by a tryst with a human wench from Portsmouth, though Floyd XI denied it and even insisted he had a pedigree. When he wore his leather apron and held scissors and razors in his big hands, Floyd looked like some strange, primeval god of ritual hair removal. [more...]
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