Monday, March 3, 2008

Let's Have Some Linky Love

An e-mail recently arrived to point me to a few Catholic resources for all y'all. We've got here the Aquinas and More Bookstore. I like bookstores and I like Catholic stuff, and it looks like they have good selection, so go check it out. They also have a blog, Musings from a Catholic Bookstore. It's a little disconcerting to visit this blog, I must admit, since I've never heard a bookstore muse before. It's alive! It's alive!!!

Speaking of blogs and bookstores, Polly Poppins of the blog If You Belonged Here has a post on how to pick up geeky men...that is, in the figurative sense. Weighing only ninety-eight pounds as we do, we geeky men are easy to pick up in the literal sense. Poppins's advice is as follows:

Go to the nearest bookstore. You want a bookstore, not a library. Make your way to the fiction area. Keep your eyes peeled. First good looking guy you see in the sci-fi section, grab him. That's your new boyfriend.

Unless he's wearing a size twelve wedding ring. Then that's Mr. Poppins and I advise you to stay at least ten feet away or I might have to stomp on your head. [more...]

You should also make sure it isn't me, because then think of what you'd be stuck with.

Hat tip: Moomin Light
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