Tuesday, March 25, 2008

John C. Wright Has Become Catholic

I look away from the sf news for just a little bit, and all heck breaks loose. Lucky the Goldfish was jumping in and out of her bowl when I got home from work this evening, and after she handed me her news sheet, I understood why.

Many or most of you know that sf author John C. Wright, considered one of the most important science fiction writers (so far) of the twenty-first century, converted to Christianity some time ago. He announced in his online journal here that he was becoming a Roman Catholic. He made the announcement with his usual wit:

For my Protestant friends, all I can do is assure you that that Church you broke away from in centuries past has been reformed of the abuses you complained of at that time. The Pope no longer sells indulgences. The theological differences are minor enough that Christly love, if you imitate His love, will cover them. I was raised Lutheran, and drank in anticatholicism with my mother's milk, so I assure you I am aware of most or all the objections, subtle and obvious, which you consciences in good faith might raise. The shock that came to me when I looked into Catholicism is that the Catholics do not teach what my teachers told me they teach. In any case, Protestant friends, I will be closer to you than I was when I was an atheist, so please consider this progress.

For my pagan friends, rejoice! My Protestant friends tell me my Catholic friends are pagans anyway! So I will be closer to you than I am now. And there is certainly some truth in the idea that Catholicism is a child of Jewish and Hellenic thought: the ancient civilization of Europe is still alive in the Catholic Church. If you worship Brigit, and I revere St. Brigit, this will be a common bond between us. [more...]

Some of us aren't too terribly surprised. As he says in this post, a lot of people thought he was Catholic anyway, and he has tended to sound more Catholic than anything else.

This is from the post after his Easter induction:

I have heard my whole life how corrupt and superstitious the Catholic Church is, so, now that I am in, where do I sign up? I'd like to start with Simony. Can I buy Church offices wholesale, and then sell them through retail outlets? What are the tax implications? [more...]

Welcome home, Mr. Wright. (Don't miss Mark Shea's hilarious response to Wright. Seems everyone in the Catholic blogosphere knew about this before me, but, hey, I was busy catching up on my comic books, and besides, Shea posts, like, twice a minute, and there's no way I can keep up with that.)
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