Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fan Fiction...*sigh*...Again

After conferring with my priest and being told that fan fiction is not morally problematic if it is noncommercial, and after reading an article by a lawyer indicating that fan fiction is not legally problematic if it is noncommercial, I have decided, against my better judgment, to restore my Bone fan fiction to the Internet. You are all invited to read and review--nay, skewer--this work. I produced it in my younger days (that is, about three years ago) and am embarrassed by some of its contents, though other parts I'm still pleased with. Then again, I'm kind of embarrassed by the whole thing since it is, you know, fan fiction.

It is a full length novel, and so I will be producing it in serial fashion, with a new chapter about every two weeks. It assumes reader knowledge of the entirety of Bone.

Because I rate other people's content on this blog, it is only fair I should rate my own, so be warned: this work contains coarse language, excessively ornamented prose, graphic violence, sexual angst, a kissing scene, copious quantities of certain bodily fluids, lurid blood-rites, gratuitous biblical references, cute school-teachers (don't even get me started on cute school-teachers), blood-sucking monsters, large-caliber firearms, cliched dialogue, literary allusions, hunky men with German accents, preachy parts, and exactly one ill-timed, inappropriate, and ultimately ineffective joke on the genre of slash fan fiction. Otherwise, the whole thing really isn't very good.

(Someone here once suggested I write bodice-rippers; well, consider this a PG-rated bodice-ripper.)

A derivative work this bloated and audacious deserves an equally derivative, bloated, and audacious title, so here it is, with the link to where this monster is posted:

The Chronicles of Fone Bone Oathbreaker:
Being an Account of the Second Bonewar,
the Rise of the New Locust,
and the Fall of the House of Harvestar
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