Sunday, March 16, 2008

Error Corrected

Sometimes we get linky love from people we don't know how to love back; this is a blog about Catholics, science fiction, and Catholics who like science fiction. Like most blogs, we maintain blogrolls (to your right) for sf and RC blogs (that's science fiction and Roman Catholic for you fellow acronym-haters, and I really need to go design that Acronym Haters Anonymous logo). Sometimes, when we get luv from those who aren't RC or sf, we give them a little post and then have no idea where to stick their blogs permanently on the site, so we don't.

Sometime back, TJIC from TJICistan linked us, and because we have a Persian emperor's record for showing magnanimity to those who benefit us, we promptly forgot to link him back. And as it turns out, TJIC over there is Catholic, so you'll now find his blog in our blogroll, listed as Dispatches from TJICistan. TJIC is insightful and also funny. See how he describes his blog:

TJICistan is an autonomous anarchic zone landlocked inside Arlington, MA, USA.

TJICistan covers approximately 7,000 square feet of space.

TJICistan has a permanent population of one humans and two dogs.

TJICistan seceeded from Arlington, Massachusetts, and the United States on 26 December, 1995.

After extensive utility computations, the non-government of TJICistan has chosen to pay foreign aid, to all three levels of government in the adjacent territories, as the alternative of armed confrontation, while certainly exciting and entertaining, sums to a lower total level of utility over time.

That's classic.
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