Wednesday, February 13, 2008

News from the Fish Bowl


First on today's list of silly news stories is a new line of Jesus-themed cosmetics, "Lookin' Good for Jesus," which has been removed from stores in Singapore after Catholics complained, according to National Nine News.

Catholic customers have complained about the packaging and marketing of the products, saying it trivialised Christianity and was disrespectful.

The products, which are still available on the company's website, encourage you to "get tight with Christ", and include "Virtuous vanilla" lip balm, and bubble bath that makes "you feel like you're walking on water". [more...]

The products are just as sacrilegious, but not nearly as hilarious, as Jesus' advertisement for Budweiser.


Shocking news flash: science fiction resources are available on the Internet. You can read about it and see some of Ronald Hawkins's favorite sf websites at


I'm unsure what it means for a film to be "redeeming"; perhaps a redeeming film is one that offers grace. Is attending a redeeming film therefore a sacrament? I'm confused.

(Yes, I know they explain it at Christianity Today, but I'm trying to be funny.)

At any rate, James Pawlak of Crusader Knight has kindly passed on a link to the blog Marquette Warrior, which has posted Christianity Today's link of most redeeming 2007 movies. Juno made number 3 and Into the Wild make number 6. No one here has seen any of the others.


Michelle Roberts with the Associated Press writes:

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Archbishop Jose Gomez complained Wednesday about plans for a rally by Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, an abortion rights supporter, at a Catholic university.

The archbishop released a statement noting that Clinton and some other presidential candidates' support for abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research were not in line with Catholic values. The Rev. Pat Rodgers, an archdiocese spokesman, said Gomez was responding to telephone calls and e-mails from concerned Catholics. [more...]

For Catholics who may have forgotten basic moral rules regarding voting, here's a quick refresher: certain positions, such as support for abortion, homosexual marriage, or embryonic stem cell research, are so morally reprehensible that anyone who holds them is unfit for public office; a voter is morally culpable for his vote if he knowingly votes for such a candidate when a morally more acceptable candidate is also running. If all candidates are unfit, the voter may choose the candidate who he reasonably believes will do the least moral harm.

And for those who believe politics and religion should never mix, you need to learn to think consistently.


Doug Liman, director of the movie Jumper, recently met with scientists at MIT to discuss the physics of teleportation, as discussed by Alan Boyle at MSNBC:

Everyone knows Anakin Skywalker can't really teleport himself to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, even though Anakin ... er, Hayden Christensen ... does just that in the movie "Jumper," opening Thursday. But isn't it possible to go through a wormhole in the space-time continuum? Wellllll, maybe - if you've got a galactic black hole's worth of power. Such are the issues that come up when science meets fiction, at the movie theater as well as in the classroom.

When scientists met up with Christensen and the director of "Jumper" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last month, neither side knew what to expect. But the result wasn't at all like the battle between the Jumpers and the Paladins in the movie. Both sides came away with that most sought-after Hollywood ingredient: a happy ending. [more...]
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