Saturday, February 9, 2008

News from the Fish Bowl: A Minor Protest


I wanted to post on this and Deej says I can even though I just posted. According to the Sunday Morning Herald, two Catholic girls' schools in Melbourne, Australia, have banned the delivery of flower or other gifts on St. Valentine's Day because "some students could feel left out." The schools have apparently decided to alleviate this problem by making everyone feel left out.

Two Catholic girls' schools have banned the delivery of flowers - and teddy bears - from admirers on Valentine's Day.

The Melbourne schools enforced the ban because of fears some students could feel left out, News Limited newspapers report. [more...]

The article gives no word on whether exceptions will be made for Valentines sent by paramours about to be fed to lions.

Snuffles has just interrupted to note that, in Japan, the girls are supposed to give the boys chocolate on St. Valentine's Day instead of the other way around. He and Deej both agree that's a better practice because they're both jerks.

The Sci Fi Catholic, especially me, sympathizes with these girls who will miss out on Valentine's Day because of obnoxious, politically correct rules set by oversensitive school administrators who probably don't like mistletoe at Christmas, either. I don't get anything for Valentine's Day because Deej always forgets, though Phenny sometimes gives me extra goldfish food, but that's not really good for me. So I feel their pain.

Viva l'Amour!
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