Thursday, January 17, 2008

Totally Random Stuff that Has No Place on This Blog

I haven't mentioned it, but I'm actually in the field and will be until next Thursday. But that doesn't mean I have nothing to talk about. No way.

This may embarrass all of you, but I'm able to see what it is that brings readers to this site. Frequently, they get here from Google searches. Searches for "scificatholic," "sci-fi catholic," and "sci fi catholic" often bring readers here (um, hello, the blog is actually, so you don't really need to search, do you?). I have found people also arrive by doing image searches for Bone comic book covers, which I find bemusing, since I'm pretty sure I haven't displayed any (I like to be more casual and subtle when I violate copyrights). Naturally, people also get here by looking for reviews, especially Christian reviews, of certain books or movies. Al Capone Does My Shirts is popular, though the big essay on Bone remains the number one draw.

But once, just once, someone got to this blog by searching for "naked men pictures." Believe me, I'm as confused as you are (but not nearly as confused as that guy). Even if a search for "naked men pictures" brings up a link to The Sci Fi Catholic, which is weird enough, why would anyone click on it? I picture some dude on his computer, muttering to himself, "Man, I gotta see me some o' them naked men pictures! Oh hey look, Catholic book reviews...well, I guess I can do that instead." This may be the first time in the history of the human race that religion has distracted from sex rather than the other way around.

Though I don't know why any past searches for "naked men pictures" would bring up this blog, I am, as you can tell from this post, determined that any future searches for "naked men pictures" will bring up this blog. Naked men pictures. I mean seriously, naked men pictures.

P.S. You will notice that the image at the top of this post does not fall into the category of naked men pictures. The man in the image is fully clothed, so don't write in with complaints. There are no naked men pictures on this site, except maybe for the image adorning my discussion of Thomas Moore's "The Loves of the Angels," which is still my favorite poem, but that doesn't count because that's serious art, so it too fails to qualify for the "naked men pictures" category. Besides, those are clearly naked angels.

(And in case you're wondering, that's actually me, that's actually my bookcase, and that's actually my custom-made Indiana Jones jacket.)
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