Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour Day 2

This month's featured novel is Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet.

See the book's official website here.
See Jeffrey Overstreet's official blog here.

Thanks to Snuffles for taking care of the blog tour for me yesterday. Snuffles, you're a lifesaver, but I'd appreciate it if you could stop with the casual insults.

Okay, so we're here to talk about Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet, a book I deeply regret not reading (though I didn't cry about it).

To see some good discussions and reviews, I particularly point you to the following places:

Quest Writer has a brief, jaunty review with a quotation. In particular, she points out the novel's elaborate descriptions. I like me some fiction with elaborate descriptions (Airborn, anyone?), so I'm warming up to this book already.

Inspirations Cafe says the novel is nostalgic and somewhat retro. He also has a cool-looking blog. Man, I seriously need to get me a new layout.

Grasping for the Wind has earned another link from us because of his interview with Jeffrey Overstreet. Is there anything his blog doesn't do? I've previously enjoyed Overstreet's good sense, thoughtfulness, and lack of reactionism when talking about movies. Check out this quote:

I grew up in a rather conservative community in which moviegoing was viewed as a suspicious, dangerous, “worldly” activity. But I also came to see that when we cut ourselves off from art for fear of “contamination,” we lose one of the greatest gifts humanity has to enjoy, something that helps us understand each other, something that humbles and inspires us.

If it weren't stealing, that would be The Sci Fi Catholic's new slogan.

In My Little World has a review with a lengthy quotations from the novel. She discusses the book's use of the third-person omniscient. I never knew that was such a controversial point of view to write from, but this is the second member of the Blog Tour I have seen mention it as a stumbling block. The only POV I loathe is the first person that switches narrators. That should be outlawed (you ruined your own book, Bram Stoker!), but I've never had a problem with third person.

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