Friday, January 4, 2008

C'mon, Tell Me This Isn't Awesome

So, after the Deej went to work this morning, I did the usual thing. I got up around noon, made a breakfast of Oreo Cookies and milk, and read a few volumes of manga while listening to the metal station. Anyway, while I'm listening, the D.J. comes on and reminds me that yesterday was the anniversary of Charles Schulz's retirement. So I think to myself, that's a good opportunity to show you this:

Now, granted, some of you have seen that already. This guy who goes by the name of gNAW mostly draws furries, sometimes erotic furries (and if you look on the Geek Hierarchy, you'll see you're really scraping the bottom of the geek barrel when you get down to erotic furries), but he has also produced sketches of how he imagines the Peanuts characters as teenagers--manga teenagers. These pictures have already made the rounds on the Internet. Stage 6 has a positive reaction and a sizable collection of the images. Bento Box has a selection of pictures with some of gNAW's own comments. The B-Movie Catechism and quixoticals both have strongly negative reactions.

Now, in my humble draconic opinion, what gNAW is doing is pure, undistilled awesome. I mean, look at it! Look at the detail in the clothing. Look at the emotion captured in the faces. Look at the dynamic yet natural poses. Look at how hot Lucy turned out. And these are just concept sketches. You may not like it, but you gotta admit this gNAW guy is good. Makes me wish he'd stop wasting his time on those stupid erotic furries.

Now, granted, gNAW will get the rights to do a Teennuts manga when Hell freezes over (I mean the other parts, not Cocytus), so if your reaction matches that of quixoticals, you can just chillax cuz it ain't gonna happen anyway. I do hope the guy illustrates his own comic sometime, though, if he hasn't already. Preferably one without erotic furries. *Shudder*
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