Monday, January 21, 2008

January Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour Day 1

This month's featured novel is Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet.

See the book's official website here.
See Jeffrey Overstreet's official blog here.

So anyway, the Deej is in the field doing his archaeological thing, or as Frederick the Unicorn puts it, "indulging in drunkeness, dissipation, and skulduggery." In other words, he's out having fun while the rest of us are cooped up in this apartment.

Deej said he really, really wanted to read this novel, but didn't. Whiner and sissy that he is, he even cried about it. But because he didn't read the book, he's off digging a hole somewhere, presumably so he can bury his head in shame. That means I get to talk about Auralia's Colors, though I haven't read it either. Maybe next month we'll actually review the featured novel, huh?
Here's what we know. It's first in a series called The Auralia Thread. It's fantasy, so I'm guessing the series will be a trilogy. The protagonist is found in the woods by thieves and grows up into a young woman who can weave beautifully colored cloth. Meanwhile, an evil king has outlawed all color except that which he personally distributes (I can't imagine how he could pull that off, but it's an interesting idea and reminds me vaguely of The Giver).

For a good review, I suggest you check the blog Grasping for the Wind. He says:

The novel focuses on the emotions and reactions of the characters not description of the events that occur. I felt that the narrative was thinly woven together and that I didn’t really know what was going on throughout the story. It made the narrative seem broken and disjointed, as most the action was seen only through a veil of thick emotion, making it harder to understand what was going on. [more...]

Well heck, I read shōjo manga; if there's one thing I can handle, it's a veil of thick emotion. Maybe I should give Overstreet's novel a try.

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