Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Catholic on Anime

I just discovered an interesting essay on anime by a Catholic, "Anime for Catholics" over at the blog Moment of Reflection.

Some of what he says is interesting, and potentially arguable.

It is at this point that I would like to speak to Catholic men about anime. Be careful guys, Japanese thought and culture has a very different perspective on nudity than we do in the west, and even more so than what the Church teaches. Purity and chastity is something that is not easily come by in this day and age, I struggled with it myself for a long time.

Five years ago I had a massive conversion that saw the start on the path towards those two ideals, four years ago I discovered a proven and reliable method which has kept me pure and chaste ever since. [more...]

I don't pretend to have a good overview of Japanese thought and culture under my belt, nor do I believe I could get one from watching anime. As for nudity and sex in Japanese comics and cartoons, it isn't any worse than what you can find in American novels and film, though I say that based mainly on secondary sources; the anime and manga I gravitate toward is generally pretty tame, and I usually avoid the ones with "mature content" advisories. Though I don't appreciate gratuitous or gross content, I have to admit, you can see more naked artwork on a pilgrimage to Rome than you can see in a lot of anime. The usual discretion is necessary.
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