Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blog: Got Medieval

I've been much enjoying the blog Got Medieval over the last few days. Yesterday, I mentioned the review of Beowulf on that site, and I've since then been enjoying numerous other, similarly funny posts. Also related to the Beowulf are a snidely funny post making fun of Neil Gaiman and a post entitled "Breastowulf" that speaks for itself.

Also worth reading is the funny dismantling of Kingdom of Heaven, which takes apart the film's inept writing and inept history while repeatedly referring to Orlando Bloom's unusual hotness. Then there's the article making fun of the use of Latin in Harry Potter. More serious is an article on some debunked Joan of Arc relics. Also see his article on the art of "Wikigroaning," a term I hope to see in the dictionary within ten years.

But the best part of the site is the Medieval on-line dating ads listed in the sidebar to the left. My favorite is from st_wannabe: "Fill in the blanks: Converting to Christianity is sexy. Forcing my husband to convert so that we may enjoy holy celibacy is sexier."

Dang, that is kinda sexy.
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