Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Speed Racer Trailer

Man, it's too weird sometimes. Does anyone remember last year when I claimed I had the ability to predict the creation of certain movies? I did it again; now I just wish I'd told you about it beforehand so you'd believe me.

I was just commenting to Snuffles some time back that anime and manga characters tend to look Caucasian, and he was saying in reply that I really don't get it, and then it occurred to me that it might be an interesting experiment to adapt an anime or manga into a live action film with mostly Caucasian actors. Um, yeah. I mean, it just sort of occurred to me as a possible experimental sort of thing. Well, anyhow, watch the trailer here for Speed Racer. I admit I didn't watch this cartoon as a kid, so this is brand new to me.

Hat tip: Cinerati
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