Monday, December 10, 2007

The Secret Origin of Snuffles the Dragon

Peter at With a Grain of Salt tried to meme us here; unfortunately for him, it's a meme we've already done.

He tried to get me to give facts about myself in the hope of learning my origin. It's no secret, so I'll oblige him.

I was originally a superintelligent nebula from a universe beyond yours. I decided to visit your world because the rumor had reached my corner of the multiverse that you guys had really good sushi.

Unfortunately, when I used my transdimensional teleportation and incarnational capacities, I didn't realize that your universe worked under strict "laws of physics," with which I was unfamiliar. In particular, gravity is a pain in the...well, anyway, on with the story--I transformed into a dragon because I considered dragons the most interesting lifeforms your world had produced. However, an electromagnetic storm interfered with my incarnational process, so instead of becoming an adult dragon as I intended, I entered your world as an infant.

And then I admit I panicked because I immediately discovered I had lost my former powers as well as most of my mental capacity. I was still many times smarter than your average infant dragon, mind you, but I was no longer a superintelligent nebula.

A couple of dragons (Harman and Nattie by name) found me and raised me as their own, considering me a great blessing, since they were unable to have children of their own. They taught me Draconic and all the customs of being a dragon, and I learned to appreciate the hoarding of gold and virgins.

Later, they adopted Deej when his mother left him in the faerie wood in a pitch-sealed reed basket. He was supposed to be my pet, but we grew up together like brothers and even made a blood pact when we were both young. Unfortunately, this means we can't separate from each other for more than about a week and a half without experiencing severe abdominal cramps.

Anyway, after Frederick the Unicorn showed up as a physical manifestation of Deej's manhood when Deej came of age, I helped him escape from the dragons because he is, after all, my blood brother. From there, we eventually ended up in this ratty apartment. He acquired a taste for sf and I acquired a taste for anime, manga, and children's books, and the rest is history.

And you do have very, very good sushi.
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