Sunday, December 2, 2007

Merry First of Advent

Advent season is finally here. I now give you permission to play Christmas music, drink cocoa, and decorate your grocery store for the holidays. Oh, I see you already started those things. In October. Good job.

Anyway, while you're all celebrating the beginning of our anticipation of the arrival of Christ, I'm snowed in at a motel where I have been staying while in the field. Not only am I stuck here for probably another six days, but I forgot to bring my Cabin Fever Prevention Kit, which, in case you're wondering, consists of a Bible, a rosary, and a whole lot of comic books. If only Jack had those things, The Shining would never have happened. And if only I had those things....

Actually, that situation could never happen in my case anyway. Jack sold his soul for a drink, but I'm in a motel with a bunch of archaeologists, so I can easily get a drink through less drastic measures.

However, if you're in the market for a soul and happen to have a Bible, a rosary, and a sizable comic book collection, we might be able to haggle.

Keep Mass in Christmas.
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