Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Madness!

This isn't exactly the announcement of a hiatus or anything like that, but it is that crazy time of year. Among other things, that means I have to move my person--along with a goldfish, a unicorn, a dragon, and a phoenix--from here to somewhere else far away where the Internet connections are sketchy.

As you can imagine, the logistical issues involved in transporting that many fictional beasts on an airplane during the holiday rush are an absolute nightmare. Imagine me trying to book a flight: "I need to reserve three seats, a stable, and a dragon pen." I get funny looks from a lot of ticket agents. And the red tape is insane--what with the new security measures, transporting two creatures who can create spontaneous fires is ridiculously hard. Last time, they told me I had to chop Snuffles into pieces and carry him onto the plane in clear plastic bags no larger than six ounces. That wouldn't work, so he had to stay home. Fortunately, things have eased up since then.

Having said all that, I should remark that airport security really isn't the hassle people make it out to be. I find I don't really need to arrive at the airport three hours early: a quick strip search by three giggling female guards in a really cold room, and presto, I'm through security and waiting for my flight. I think our safety is worth that kind of humiliation. At first, I couldn't tolerate it, but I got more comfortable after I learned that "window" out to the concourse is really a mirror on the other side. I admit, though, I would have been a lot less uncomfortable if they told me that at the beginning.
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