Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Schadenfreude Interactive

Before you do anything else, I seriously suggest you check out this odd little parody website called Schadenfreude Interactive, which features very funny advertisements and press releases for video games that don't exist but should.

For example, they are the creators of the great classics Accordion Hero and Grand Theft Ottoman. I think my favorite, though, is The Teutonic Ten, an action game that allows you to play as such famed German superheroes as Der Lederhosen and Steinmaiden. It promises fully destructible alpine environments and an all-Oompah soundtrack!

If you want to know what the website is about, this quote might give a hint:

Dead Men Rising is an exciting zombie U-boat simulator that has caused a great deal of controversy here in Germany in regarding to the violence and sensitive subject matter. In America, this should pass unnoticed as you have a higher tolerance for violence and gore in computer games. Also you do not teach world history in your public schools as the little children are too busy stabbing one another and hitting each other in the head with their Desperate Housewives lunchboxes.

Hat tip: Calls for Cthulhu

And as for that movie review, look for it tomorrow morning.
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