Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour Day 3

Yeah, it's Snuffles again. Deej calls me up again and we have the following bizarre conversation:

D.G.D.: Man, this project's really takin' it outta me. I feel like I've been dancin' with Mr. Brownstone.

Snuffles: Knowing you, you're probably unaware that that phrase refers to shooting up heroine.

D.G.D.: I've always liked stories with strong heroines. Maybe you can blog something about that.

Snuffles: You want me to blog something about what you like?

D.G.D.: Would you? I'd really appreciate it. Catch ya later.

And then he hangs up on me. So I'm sitting here with vague instructions and no new content. All I can say is, don't use strong heroine or you'll end up like Deej.

Anyway, I figure we might as well take a mosy around this so-called "blog tour." That way, instead of coming up with my own content, I'll just borrow other people's. In case you forgot, the tour has to do with this book called Scarlet by this guy named Stephen R. Lawhead.

To start out, we have Mirtika, who I assume is named after Mitaka, the hunky tennis coach in Maison Ikkoku. She's got a post that definitely meets our approval: it's an extrapolation of the origins of the Robin Hood mythology and a discussion of Robin Hood's religious roots and the way Lawhead has used religion in his novel.

Second, we have Grasping for the Wind, which presents an excellent interview with Lawhead. Lawhead says something in the interview I hope everyone will note: he does not write novels to present Christianity. His novels contain Christian themes, rather, because he is a Christian.

And then Hanna's Life is Cool has a handy review of the prequel.

And then there's the rest of the blog tour:

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