Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour Day 2

Snuffles the Dragon here. Deej calls me up from some motel room, tells me he's real tired and doesn't want to post today, and then asks me if I'll say something nice about some book called Scarlet by some guy named Stephen R. Lawhead. So anyway, here's the second day of the blog tour--Snuffles Style.

Now, I'm pretty sure Lawhead doesn't draw comics and doesn't hail from Japan, so I don't know why anyone thinks I'd know anything about his book. Though I think I once saw Deej with a copy of Search for Fierra, I haven't read any of Lawhead's work. My first thought was of course that Scarlet must be a sequel to Gone with the Wind, but it turns out it's actually a sequel to Hood, the first volume of the Raven King trilogy, which draws on the legends of Robin Hood, among other things.

Though I don't know very much about Lawhead, I do know that Michael O'Brien in his A Landscape With Dragons considers Lawhead's writing morally questionable because Lawhead's characters sometimes commit adultery. It's easy to see where O'Brien is coming from on this one, since adultery isn't the sort of thing that happens in real life. (And in the same book, O'Brien recommends reading a lot of Arthurian romance, which is often about...well, you know. Don't ask me to explain this.)

Now, though I don't read many books without pictures, I did once read Frank Peretti's excellent novel The Oath, which is about a dragon--and which has a couple of characters who commit adultery. Therefore, Lawhead has this in common with Peretti: he's a Christian speculative fiction author, and his characters commit adultery. Could I possibly offer a higher recommendation than that? I think not. So get your butt off the couch and get it a copy of Scarlet. I don't know what your butt would want with a book, but maybe it could sit on it or something.

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